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I do these little scenes sometimes, I call them "environments", for lack of a better term. They are made by using found and collected little objects and mementos I've collected over the years.
They're a bit silly, but I enjoy working on them over time. There seems to be a part of my mind that stays alert to what's missing from them and gooses me with a surge of positive energy when I find a missing piece.

The first one is entitled, "The Wise Man." A Wise man is explaining "Buddha Nature" to his friends (who already know). The book he is resting on is Joseph Goldstein's The Path of Insight and Meditation.

The Grungy scene is called "...eyeball of a rooster, stones from a ditch, wash em down with bilge water and say you'll never snitch." Title credit, Tom Waits. (See the coiled rattler front right?)

The last is If you lived here you'd be home now 2. The original painting came from a dream, I had an urge to recreate it with the denizens of this egg carton.

Annual Artists Eye Juried Exhibition

Annual Artists Eye Juried Exhibition Terry Anderson

This years Annual Artists Eye Show is/was again a beautiful and eclectic show with well executed works. I saw some really great photography, some with a naturalistic presentation that managed to portray some under the surface aspects of the subject, really nice. For me, I was proud to receive 2nd Place in Pastel for Me and Imogene... Several pictures are displayed one with me beside it and one beside the piece I call Watermark. I am sorry about the glare on the pictures.

My woeful affect emphasizes extreme fatigue from an exciting vacation in the Keys, a scrubbed flight home, rebooked for the next day which included, one 3 hour and one 2 hour line, a seedy motel in Dallas and 4 hours sleep. An awful experience, I was reminded of Proust, who said drolly, "Life is such a dreadful affair". Not really but you know what I mean.

Julia and I were sorry to have missed the reception.






2018 OCFA Members Show

2018 OCFA Members Show

The 2018 OCFA Members Show this year was a really lovely one, with many well executed and colorful works adorning the walls of Showcase Gallery. I put in 2056 with some anxiety as I knew the Jurors and spectators would spot right off the clogged center of it but my curiosity and desire to display it overcame the nerves. Indeed it didn’t win anything but got some notice and at one point at the reception a really funky looking gentleman in a brown Homburg stood in front of it for some minutes before moving on. I now regret the failure of nerve at not asking him what he may have been thinking while viewing it.

New this year were the categories Digital and 3-D along with Photography and the paint mediums.

22nd Annual Artists Eye Juried Competition

May 23-June 24, 2018
Showcase Gallery, First Place for Our First Rock

The Annual Artists Eye competition continued again this year to be fortuitous for me. In keeping with what appears to be the spirit of displaying eclectic works I put in Our First Rock really wondering how it might be perceived. The painting depicts Julia and my little family (minus brand new 7 week old kitten Cassie, whom we just welcomed into our home and thus too late to be included). Also included is "Pancho", our rusty troubadour who presides over the outdoor patio area. Our dear departed and present kitties are shown, T.J. and Buddy, and 3 year old LillyRose. Julia and I peek over the pocked rock I bought as a lark years ago and gave her, much to her lasting and bemused bewilderment, and it remains an integral aspect of our outdoor life here. I was surprised, pleased and proud of it's recognition.

Christmas Trip

Christmas Trip

December 2017-January 2018
My wife and I spent this last Christmas Holiday in Ocean City Md, a place I was only familiar with during the warm, sun filled summers I spent working there as a youth. What a contrast between then and this winter. We were hit with what forecasters called a "bomb, cyclone" blizzard on January 4th making any departure impossible for some days. It was beautiful, if very cold, and one evening as I gazed out our Ocean front room, I sketched this indelible scene.

While there we were also fortunate enough to see some old friends, it was good for the soul.

21st Annual Artists Eye Competition

May, 2017
The Annual Artist's Eye Competition was again good to me as Come on around and hold an old friend's hand won 1st place and Hard Times Come Again No More won 3rd in the Pastel category.

I felt very vulnerable putting Hard Times... in the show. I was proud of it and wanted it to be seen but was unsure if it really belonged among the many very colorful and well executed pieces exhibited. I was so surprised and pleased at it's recognition.

20th Annual Artists Eye Show

20th Annual Artists Eye show Terry Anderson Artwork Artist

May 2016
The eclectic works again seemed to prevail. My Evening Star won Honorable Mention.

19th Annual Artists Eye Show

19th Annual Artist Eye Show Terry Anderson Artist Artwork

May 2015
I always look forward the Orange County Fine Arts Artists Eye annual juried exhibition, held late spring each year. The artists who participate, many of whom are professionals, seem to pull out their most eclectic, unconventional work to show. The exhibition features a wide range of visual media, oils, acrylics, watercolors, mixed media, pastels and photography, the pieces striking for their vibrant individuality. As you can see I was fortunate enough to get several Honorable Mentions in the 2015 and 2016 shows.

The picture at left is of just myself, Stone Child and Time's Not Your Friend. Stone Child and Dreambody (not pictured) won Honorable Mentions.

1974 Doodle: The Springtime of my ID

Terry Anderson Doodle Artwork 1974

Going through some old memorabilia recently I came across this doodle I did in 1974. The reason I know it was '74 is because on the back of the yellow paper the drawing is on are the figures 4.50x40. This was the rate of pay I was receiving working at a Center in Arlington Virginia which served the Developmentally Disabled. I was in charge of a group of about 8-12 individuals aged late 20's through early 40's whose impairments ranged from brain injured, Down's syndrome, autism, to other mentally and emotionally challenged people, some of whom wore helmets in case of seizure.

I was tasked with physically and cognitively stimulating them in any way I could, and so I exercised, played games with them, and took them for rides in the Center's van for many months without notable success before one day discovering a nearby recreation center. Wandering in I spoke with a kindly attendant who told me of an unused spare room they had with a trampoline in it. Using that trampoline was for my group like the movie Awakening.

70s Drawing

Terry Anderson 70s Sketch Artwork Artist Drawing

This other image, a pencil drawing I believe to have been done in the same decade, is, I suspect, a copy of an Old Masters oil painting. I have no recollection of what drew me to it, or the motivation that led me to try to commit it to paper. I only remember that I tried to portray it without lines, or edges, delineating the separate elements.

Sketching: Miagrain


Sketching: Miagrain is the title and it comes complete with the misspelling of Migraine.
It was done in either '81 or' '82, a period of time when I was battling migraines for the better part of those 2 years. The image I think represents my idea of what the pain looked like dripping off the neural wiring deep inside my skull.

Doodle done in Sheep's Canyon, Borrego Springs 9/29/94

Oh Baltimore, where it's hard just to live

Titled: "Oh Baltimore, where it's hard just to live." Please don't take this title to heart, I love Baltimore. Nina Simone sang the title song so beautifully.

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