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2017 Annual Artist's Eye Competition

The Annual Artist's Eye Competition was again good to me as Come on around and hold an old friend's hand won 1st place and Hard Times Come Again No More won 3rd in the Pastel category.

I felt very vulnerable putting Hard Times... in the show. I was proud of it and wanted it to be seen but was unsure if it really belonged among the many very colorful and well executed pieces exhibited. I was so surprised and pleased at it's recognition.

20th Annual Artists Eye Show

20th Annual Artists Eye show Terry Anderson Artwork Artist

The eclectic works again seemed to prevail. My Evening Star won Honorable Mention.

19th Annual Artist Eye Show

19th Annual Artist Eye Show Terry Anderson Artist Artwork

I always look forward the Orange County Fine Arts Artists Eye annual juried exhibition, held late spring each year. The artists who participate, many of whom are professionals, seem to pull out their most eclectic, unconventional work to show. The exhibition features a wide range of visual media, oils, acrylics, watercolors, mixed media, pastels and photography, the pieces striking for their vibrant individuality. As you can see I was fortunate enough to get several Honorable Mentions in the 2015 and 2016 shows.

1974 Doodle: The Springtime of my ID

Terry Anderson Doodle Artwork 1974

Going through some old memorabilia recently I came across this doodle I did in 1974. The reason I know it was '74 is because on the back of the yellow paper the drawing is on are the figures 4.50x40. This was the rate of pay I was receiving working at a Center in Arlington Virginia which served the Developmentally Disabled. I was in charge of a group of about 8-12 individuals aged late 20's through early 40's whose impairments ranged from brain injured, Down's syndrome, autism, to other mentally and emotionally challenged people, some of whom wore helmets in case of seizure.

70s Drawing

Terry Anderson 70s Sketch Artwork Artist Drawing

This other image, a pencil drawing I believe to have been done in the same decade, is, I suspect, a copy of an Old Masters oil painting. I have no recollection of what drew me to it, or the motivation that led me to try to commit it to paper. I only remember that I tried to portray it without lines, or edges, delineating the separate elements.

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