I do these little scenes sometimes, I call them "environments", for lack of a better term. They are made by using found and collected little objects and mementos I've collected over the years.
They're a bit silly, but I enjoy working on them over time. There seems to be a part of my mind that stays alert to what's missing from them and gooses me with a surge of positive energy when I find a missing piece.

The first one is entitled, "The Wise Man." A Wise man is explaining "Buddha Nature" to his friends (who already know). The book he is resting on is Joseph Goldstein's The Path of Insight and Meditation.

The Grungy scene is called "...eyeball of a rooster, stones from a ditch, wash em down with bilge water and say you'll never snitch." Title credit, Tom Waits. (See the coiled rattler front right?)

The last is If you lived here you'd be home now 2. The original painting came from a dream, I had an urge to recreate it with the denizens of this egg carton.