22nd Annual Artists Eye Juried Competition

May 23-June 24, 2018
Showcase Gallery, First Place for Our First Rock

The Annual Artists Eye competition continued again this year to be fortuitous for me. In keeping with what appears to be the spirit of displaying eclectic works I put in Our First Rock really wondering how it might be perceived. The painting depicts Julia and my little family (minus brand new 7 week old kitten Cassie, whom we just welcomed into our home and thus too late to be included). Also included is "Pancho", our rusty troubadour who presides over the outdoor patio area. Our dear departed and present kitties are shown, T.J. and Buddy, and 3 year old LillyRose. Julia and I peek over the pocked rock I bought as a lark years ago and gave her, much to her lasting and bemused bewilderment, and it remains an integral aspect of our outdoor life here. I was surprised, pleased and proud of it's recognition.